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Oops Bag - Random Sticker Pack - Discounted- Misfits

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📍 Oops Bag Details

All stickers in the Oops Bag are random selections from various themed sticker kit. You have the option to choose an Oops Bag based on your planner layout preference. Please Note: Each bag may have a non-kit stickers as well, such as icons, trackers, boxes ets.

Stickers with compatible layouts will be grouped together, such as the “Oops Bag for 7x9 Vertical, Hourly&Horizontal” or “Oops Bag for A5 Daily Duo&Compact Vertical”

📍Stickers that may be included in the Oops Bag:
- Small printing imperfections
- Poorly cut stickers
- Missing a few stickers on the sheet
- A few damaged stickers on the sheet
- Damage to the sheet itself (e.g., torn corners)
- Sheets may have a non-pristine appearance

📍 However, each sheet remains functional and can be used.

📍 The Oops Bag is available in limited quantities.


Matte photo paper

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